Enterprise computing applications that require high-speed transmission, such as servers, switches, storage, etc., require higher electrical characteristics performance for loss and crosstalk that affect signal waveform deterioration. I-PEX has established technologies and production systems that can support high-speed transmission such as 56 Gbps PAM4 and PCIe Gen6 64 GT/s PAM4 used in enterprise computing applications, by combining existing micro-coaxial connectors with paddle-card solutions.
I-PEX is partnering with Digi-Key Electronics as their new global distributor. This distribution agreement with Digi-Key Electronics will enable I-PEX to fulfill both the design and production quantity needs of its customers. Products from I-PEX are now available for purchase on Digi-Key's global websites, which offers the world's largest selection of electronic components in stock for immediate shipment.

Austin, TX, July 15, 2021 – I-PEX USA announced today that they are partnering with Future Electronics as their first regional distributor to enhance customer support in North, Central and South America.

I-PEX is starting to ship sample quantities of the LIGHTPASS™-EOM 100G, which uses the Silicon-Photonics IC Optical I/O Core from AIO Core Co., Ltd.
A wide variety of 2.4 mm RF Connectors are now available I-PEX is pleased to announce the release of the 2.4 mm RF Connector series. In response to the increasing demand for higher frequency and millimeter wave solutions. We offer a diverse lineup of products, from conversion adapters to board-mount adapters, to meet the needs of customers up to 50 GHz,. I-PEX's 2. 4mm RF Connector is RoHS compliant. 
2020 was a year of changes. High-speed data communication infrastructure, such as 5G, has gradually begun to be set-up. I-PEX will respond with speed and flexibility as "an expert in innovative product development and engineering solutions," who creates new value, staying one step ahead of the needs of the times.
I-PEX has partnered with SnapEDA to create and provide pre-built digital CAD models for printed circuit board (PCB) footprint drawings and symbols.  These models are now available for free download, both on SnapEDA's website and product pages.
I-PEX has integrated the technologies of our ESTORQ® Torque Sensor and the ES-Gripper to help eliminate human errors on the factory floor by using automatic insertion of connectors. This helps reduce rework, saving both time and money.
DAI-ICHI SEIKO Co., Ltd., has announced it will be changing its name to I-PEX Inc. effective August 1, 2020. Along with the new name, the logo will also be changing. This is being done to unify the company name and corporate brand into one name, “I-PEX,” which is intended to enhance our corporate image and gain brand awareness on a global scale.  
First to Market: Fully-Shielded Auto-Lock FFC Connector For Gaming/Drone/AR/VR Markets
I-PEX Connectors is leading the way to a connected future with three new small form factor connectors designed to enable 5G mmWave and sub-6 applications.  
Ultra thin active optical cable plug module with Silicon-Photonics chip

Pertama Precision Bintan won first place in the prestigious 2018 Paritrana Award, Mid-scale Company Division, for their efforts to improve worker’s benefits and social security.

New, Shielded FFC/FPC Connector with Auto-Locking Feature is Ideal for High-Speed, High Temperature, and High Shock and Vibration Environments 
New, Smaller RF Connector with Locking Feature is Perfect for High Shock and Vibration Environments

I-PEX Connectors Selected by Mellanox Technologies as Provider for Low-Profile Cable Assembly Connectors 

Perfect for High-Data-Rate Transfer Applications: New Right Angle Vertical Mate Micro-Coaxial Fully Shielded Connector with Optional Mechanical Locking Mechanism
The EVAFLEX 5, with impedance-matched shielded FFC and interfaced with V-by-one HS, has already been adopted by many customers. EVAFLEX 5 has also now been confirmed by THine Electronics' technical specification for high-resolution video image and next-generation high-speed interface standard V-by-One US.