New Product Release: MHF® 4L LK (2019/Apr/4)

New, Smaller RF Connector with Locking Feature is Perfect for High Shock and Vibration Environments

MHF4L LKThe industry first MHF® brand 4L LK Micro RF Coaxial Connector from I-PEX Connectors is designed with a locking feature to prevent it from disengaging from the PCB receptacle.  Over multiple mating cycles, the engagement force is superior to the non-locked part. 
The smaller mating height, 2.0 mm vs. 2.5 mm for the original MHF® I Micro RF Coaxial Connector, and the improved electrical performance makes this ideal for compact designs where space and performance are key.  The insertion loss performance using 1.37 mm OD coax achieves an optimal balance between electrical and mechanical design constraints.  The unique and only locking feature for this form factor in the industry, is designed for shock and vibration environments where signal performance is critical. 
This new connector mates with all existing I-PEX MHF® 4/4L receptacles.  The MHF® 4L LK Connector is suitable for IoT, automotive, CPE, portable router, fleet telematics and asset tracking applications.



Product information

Name : MHF® 4L LK

Type : Micro RF Coaxial Connector with locking function


  • Ideal for continuous shock and vibration


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