New Product Release: EVAFLEX® 5-SE-GHT and EVAFLEX® 5-SE-GVT (2019/Apr/29)

New, Shielded FFC/FPC Connector with Auto-Locking Feature is Ideal for High-Speed, High Temperature, and High Shock and Vibration Environments 

EVA5-SE-GVT,GHTI-PEX Connectors is adding two new connectors to the versatile EVAFLEX brand 5-SE-G Series. These connectors are designed with an auto-locking feature to prevent the FFC/FPC from disengagement, making them ideal for high shock and vibration environments, such as automotive and office equipment.  There are two versions of this connector:  the EVAFLEX 5-SE-GHT is a horizontal mating type and the EVAFLEX 5-SE-GVT is a vertical mating type.  Both connectors are 0.5 mm pitch and come in pin counts from 20-60.  The unique auto-locking feature makes insertion and withdrawal simple with the use of a lock release button – just press to release.  This same feature ensures that the connection stays put, helping to increase productivity.  The connectors were also designed for high-speed transmission (4+ Gbps), as well as high temperature (~125 degrees C) environments for various automotive applications.  The same terminal FFC pattern can be installed using the vertical or horizontal types of this connector, depending on the placement of the PCB.


Product information

Name / Type : EVAFLEX® 5-SE-GHT / Auto-Locking FFC/FPC Connectors (Horizontal mating)
                       : EVAFLEX® 5-SE-GVT / Auto-Locking FFC/FPC Connectors (Vertical mating)


  • Easy and reliable mating operation by using auto-lock function
  • Designed for High-Speed Transmission (4+ Gbps V-by-One).
  • Highly reliable contact by using I-PEX’s unique W-point contact structures


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