Indonesian Plant Wins National Worker’s Assurance Program Award (2019/Aug/1)

“Winning the Paritrana Award is great honor, but the best part is that we have positively touched the lives of the people who work here.”  (Affendy Bin Saidi, Director / PT. Pertama Precision Bintan)


Caring for your employees will win their hearts and in the case of the PT. Pertama Precision Bintan (PPB), it has also earned the company a national award. Located in Bintan, Indonesia, PT. Pertama Precision Bintan won first place in the prestigious 2018 Paritrana Award, Mid-scale Company Division, for their efforts to improve worker’s benefits and social security.

“Winning the Paritrana Award is great honor, but the best part is that we have positively touched the lives of the people who work here,” states Affendy Bin Saidi, the Director at PT. PPB. The company is owned and operated by Dai-ichi Seiko, a global corporation specializing in precision technology with plants and offices throughout Asia, Europe and North America and produces I-PEX Connectors at the site.

Article-image_PPB-2The Paritrana Award was created by the Indonesian government to recognize a company’s efforts to increase the participation of worker’s social assurance, the adherence to rules and regulations for worker’s social assurance, and to increase awareness of government’s positive efforts for the workers of Indonesia. Aside from the focus on improving worker’s benefits and social security, the award has also encouraged improved communication with the government, and for companies to uphold these standards.

The leadership team at PT. PPB is proud to have earned this prestigious award as it represents their efforts to improve the lives of their employees and set an example for their families. Winning wasn’t easy; they had to beat out 107 mid-scale companies finalists and be among 12 award winners in their respective divisions and ranks. To win, they submitted a comprehensive list of key performance indicators related to worker’s insurance and benefits, followed by a presentation to a group of distinguished judges selected from government and private industry.



“The insurance provides ease of mind. People like knowing that if something happens, they are provided for, and they don’t have to worry as much.” (Affendy Bin Saidi / Director / PT. Pertama Precision Bintan)

An important criterion for the award was how the company communicated to employees on how to download and use the app created by the government to assist with social security benefits. Using new technology is often challenging, but the program is also giving workers more skills.

“Some of our employees come from remote parts of the island and they’re not informed on the opportunities that are available to them,” explains Affendy. “We are educating people that through hard work and perseverance, you can change your life in a positive way. This is a message that workers can bring back home and teach their children. There’s a way to better your life by working for a company like PT. PPB that prioritizes benefits.”

Article-image_PPB-3Not only did they take home the top award, the plant also received a brand-new, Toyota Agya. In the true spirit of the award, the company uses the car to transport employees to and from the plant on rainy days.

The PT. PPB leadership team wants to make sure that their Culture of Caring is something that is sustainable. In order to continue to support the employees, the company also communicates information through an internal newspaper and takes donations to assist families that are facing personal issues.

“At PPB, we are focused on manufacturing and delivery, and we aren’t usually in the spotlight, but we realized that this award is a big thing. This is an opportunity to make PPB well-known on the island and communicate that we are capable of serving our Customers and making our workers happy,” concludes Affendy.


And as indication of the program’s continued success and positive impact on employees, the BPJS Riau Islands Province has proposed PPB as a candidate for the 2019 Paritrana Award.